Southern Softpaw League (SSL)

An all-inclusive, fun, friendly, competitive and charity-minded, slow-pitch softball league in the greater Atlanta Metropolitan area.

Registration & Fees

Registration Has Begun!

layer Registration

Player Fee is $50. 

Coaches must then submit all forms to Kyle Erickson, SSL Lieut. Gov. & Treasurer, prior to play. 

must be registered and paid before they play! NO EXCEPTIONS.

Forms can be downloaded here: SSL Member Registration Form (rev. 7-17).
Print and submit to your coach.

**Players:  include your team name when you register

Team Registration


The EARLY REGISTRATION Team Fee is $275. 

Coaches must then submit this form to Kyle Erickson, SSL Lieut. Gov. & Treasurer, prior to play. 

Early Registration ends SATURDAY, AUGUST 25TH. To qualify for Early Registration, payment MUST BE PAID, in-hand, or postmarked on or prior to this date. Any payment after this date OR submitted at the Coaches Meeting is $350. 

NO LATER THAN SUNDAY, AUGUST 26TH at the Mandatory Coaches Meeting. Fees MUST be postmarked by this date, too.

Forms can be downloaded here: SSL Team Roster Form (rev. 7-14).

Free Agent Players

Are you new to Atlanta or to SSL? Do you need a team? We will match you up with one! Check out the New Player & Pickup List tab on the website! Complete the online contact form and send a player form to Kyle Erickson, the SSL Liet. Gov. & Treasurer, then click the designated link below to pay via PayPal. It's easy!

Forms can be downloaded here: SSL Member Registration Form (rev. 7-17).

One-Day Players

Also, the one-time/daily player fee is $15. If you have a player that is not on the roster and
will be playing only one weekend, or week-to-week, please contact Kyle Erickson, the SSL Liet. Gov. & Treasurer to be invoiced for this. It can be handled the day-of at the fields, too. Just find a Board member, or Kyle Erickson.

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