Southern Softpaw League (SSL)

An all-inclusive, fun, friendly, competitive and charity-minded, slow-pitch softball league in the greater Atlanta Metropolitan area.


Click here for the 2015 Quick Reference Guide for coaches and umpries. This document includes the basic rules for SSL that may be different than other leagues you play in. Any questions can be addressed by the Governor, Ken Deleon.

Rules, By-laws and Constitution                                                            revised 7-21-2012


Article I. Rosters

1.01 Player Limit: Each team shall be composed of at least ten (10) and not more than twenty (20) players. A person's name may not appear on more than one roster.

1.02 Team Contact: Each team shall have at least (2) points of contacts for official communication between the league and that team. (coach, manager, assistant coach, team captain). Phone numbers and emails must be provided to the Executive Board for communication purposes.  

1.03 Roster Deadline: Southern Softpaw League (SSL) Rosters must be submitted to the league officers on the date set by the Board. Each roster must list all required information, full name, date of birth, address, contact information, emergency contact information, etc.

1.04 Team Changes: Players may change teams within the first two (2) weeks of the season for any reason.

  A. No player may change teams more than once per season. After the second week of play, players wishing to switch teams due to special circumstances must submit their request in writing to the Advisory Board. The pending change is left to the Board's discretion.

  B. No team may add more than four players per session, with a maximum of 20 players per roster. If a change is needed due to special circumstances, the team manager must submit the request in writing to the Advisory Board. The pending change is left to the Board's discretion.

1.05 Player Additions: New Players may be added to a roster to fill any vacancies that may occur. Before a new player is eligible to participate in league competition, the manager must submit the player's required roster information, registration form, and player fee.

1.06 Player Identification: All players should have identification at the field during league games and may be asked to furnish such identification should a question of player eligibility arise.

Article II. Schedule

2.01 Schedule: A complete schedule of all league games will be distributed to all team managers/coaches prior to the start of league play. The schedule will list the date, time and place of each league game.

2.02 Season Schedule: There will be two session of play. The first two to three weeks will be a round robin schedule where all teams play each other. The second session will be divided into two or more divisions, splitting the league down the middle or one third based on their records from the first session.

2.03 Tournament: If time, funding and the majority of the coaches council votes in the affirmative a season-ending tournament will be seeded based upon the records from the end of the season win/lose record. There will be a separate tournament for each division. A second option will be to host a charity tournament by a majority vote of the Executive Board vote in the affirmative to do so at a time and place identified by the league of the best chances for success. 

2.04 Forfeits: Any team not able to field enough roster players within 10 minutes of the scheduled starting time of their game are allowed to pick-up players with in the same division or one division up or down

  A.  If a team has a majority of roster players, then it may add pick-up players to make a roster 10, but not exceeding 10, with the exception of a pitcher, to field a team and avoid a forfeit. If playing with nine players, then the tenth spot in the batting order is an automatic out. 

  B. Substitutes/pick-up players may be added after any inning of the game as long as they are reported to the home plate umpire and the coach of the other team. If a roster player arrives, then he/she must enter the game, and the substitute must come out. In the event that a previous game runs overtime, then the starting time shall be assumed to be the time at which the previous game ends.

* The Board reserves the right to impose a fine against a team that forfeits a game. This fine will cover costs of umpire fees and any other league expenses related to forfeiture of the game. Team managers are encouraged to notify the Board of likely forfeiture at least one week in advance so that adjustments can be made and fees can be avoided.

2.05 Postponements: In the event a game is postponed (due to rain, etc.) the game will be rescheduled to the best of the leagues abilities. The schedule for other games may or may not be affected.

2.06 Time Limit: There will be a time limit of (55) minutes per game which will be regulated by the umpire. A (5) minute grace period will be allow at the start of each game to help prevent any forfeits.

2.07 Run Ahead Rule: For league play, a ten (10) run rule will be in effect. Should a team be ahead by ten or more runs after five innings (or four and a half innings if the home team is ahead), the game shall end and be considered a completed game. 15 Runs ahead after 4 innings or 20 runs after three innings. There will be no run rule in effect for tournament games.

  A. The Run Ahead Rule does not apply to the Just Fun (JF) Division.

  B. In the Just Fun (JF) Division, when 10 runs are scored in an inning, the ball changes hands regardless of the number of outs with the exception of the 7th inning and if time has expired.

2.08 Inclement Weather: Coaches should contact the hot line at least two (3) hours in advance of their game time to determine if the game is to be called due to bad weather conditions. Board members will also contact the Coaches or Mangers. Coaches/Managers will be responsible for contacting players on their own teams. The rain out number is (??? - ???-????).

Article III. Uniforms

3.01 Each player is expected to wear a uniform shirt with a number on the back, side or front, (4" or larger) all in same or similar color. Numbers should correspond with the number listed for that player on the official team roster or official line up card. A two week grace period will be allowed at the beginning of the season for teams to acquire their jerseys.

Article IV. Tie Breaker, Final Standings and Tournament

4.01 If at the end of the regular season, two or more teams finish with identical won-lost-tie percentages, the following steps will be taken until the tie is broken:

  A. Best record in head-to-head competition.

  B. Best net run advantage in head-to-head competition.

  C. Best record in head-to-head competition with higher place teams from first place down until the tie is broken.

  D. Coin flip.

Article V. Line Up Cards/Rules

5.01 Current ASA rules will apply when not specified by The Southern Softpaw League (SSL).

5.02 The lineup card that is submitted to the official scorer (home team scorer) prior to each game will be the official list of players (and their numbers) who will be eligible to participate for your team during the game. A. You must list all persons (and numbers) who are available to play on the lineup sheet.

5.03 Both teams should exchange line up cards at least ten (10) minutes prior to the start of the game.

5.04 All substitutes or re-entries should be announced to the home plate umpire before such substitution becomes legal.

  A. It is not the scorer's or umpire's responsibility to notice changes in line up or position. It is the coach's/manager's responsibility to see that all changes are properly entered.

  B. Players in the Super Competitive (SC) Division player may NOT play as a substitute in the Just Fun (JF) Division.

5.05 Teams may bat 12 players at any time and play any 10 in the field in Super Competitive (SC) and Competitive Fun (CF) divisions. A special rule allows 11 players in the field of play in the Just Fun (JF) division as long as both teams have enough players and both coaches agree to this special rule. The 11th player must play in the outfield.

5.06 The umpire handles all rulings and field situations.

5.07 The board will handle situations upon written requests from coaches/managers.

5.08 If a player has been ejected, he/she has three minutes to vacate the field, out of range of sight and hearing. If a player is reported to the Executive Board, he/she will sit out the following week. A fine can be imposed by the Governor with the advice of the Rules Chairman of the amount of no less than $25 and up to a maximum of $100.

5.09 Courtesy runners may be used (one per inning). The runner must be the player who made the last out.

5.10 If a player has blood on his/her body, then he/she must exit the game until the wound is bandaged. First-aid kits will be available on both fields.

5.11 Fines paid to the league by any league member or team can only be used toward a charity donation and are not to be used for operational cost. Fines can NOT be appealed and must be paid before the team or player can return in good standing and continue to play in the league.  Any fines not paid as determined by the League Governor within six calendar days after the fine is imposed, that league member or team will be reviewed by the Executive Board for permanent suspension from the league.

Article VI. Sportsmanship

6.01 Profanity: Anyone using profanity or vulgar language directed at the umpire or another player, or loud enough to be heard by spectators, can be ejected from the game. Any player(s) who uses the tactic of taunting opponents by talking trash, either directly or indirectly, can be ejected from the game. A fine can be imposed by the Governor with the advice of the Rules Chairman in the amount of no less than $25 and up to a maximum of $100.

6.02 Balls and strikes are not to be argued over.

6.03 Only the coach or manager are permitted to approach the umpire concerning disputed calls.

6.04 Fighting with or the abuse of an umpire, coach, player or spectator will not be tolerated. Anyone. umpire, coach, player or spectator in violation of this rule are subject to fines, temporary suspension and up to permanent suspension from the league. The League Governor, with the advice and recommendation of the Rules Chairman, will decide the extent of punishment for this rule violation. 

Article VII. Violation of Rules, Regulations or Unethical Behavior  

7.01 The Executive Board reserves the right to hold anyone in violation of the rules, regulations and or unethical behavior that is detrimental to the standards set by SSL as reason to take appropriate action against such person included but not limited to fines, temporary or permanent suspension from the league. The League Governor along with the advice and recommendation of the Rules Chairman will decide the extent of punishment for rule, regulation or unethical behavior violations.


Article I. Members

1.01 Membership Qualification: The Executive Board is vested with the power to approve and accept perspective members upon payment of their team's registration fee and demonstration of an interest in the league. All playing members, Board members and coaches/managers shall be members of the league and on a current team roster.

1.02 Duration of Membership: Duration shall be from the time dues are paid until the next team registration due date of the following season.

1.03 Voting Rights: Board Member, Coaches Ambassador and Coach/Manager (one per team), upon acceptance as a member of the league, shall be entitled to one vote on each proposed amendment to the by-laws.

1.04 Honorary Members: The league may have honorary members. The league annually will recognize one honorary member, who will be added to our Hall of Fame.

1.05 Certification of Members: The Executive Board shall provide for the certification of membership in the League the name, address, email address and date of birth of each member, and the date of issuance shall be entered in the records of the league.

Article II. Meeting of Members and Appeals

2.01 Coaches Meetings: An annual coaches meeting of the league shall be held at the beginning of the season. This meeting will serve dually as a social event and a business meeting of the league coaches and for the introduction of newly appointed/elected officers for the current year, as well as the transaction of any other league business. The Executive Board will set the leagues agenda for the current season and discuss, amend and even change league rules based on the coaches iput and feedback. Any changes considered would have to be in the form of a motion from any board member and second by another and then voted upon by all board members and coaches/manager or their designee (one vote per team) present. The teams that are present and allowed to vote must have paid their team fee for the current season to be allowed to vote. 

2.02 Coaches' Council: The Coaches' Council can vote on all league matters during the coaches meeting and shall be entitled to one vote on each proposed amendment to the by-laws.  

2.03 Place of Meeting: The Executive Board may designate any place as the place of meeting for any annual meeting or any special meeting.

2.04 Order of Business: At the annual meeting of the members, unless otherwise directed by a vote of the majority of the members present, the order of business shall be as follows:

  A. Reading of the minutes of the last meeting of the members and every special meeting of the members held subsequently.

  B. Report of the Executive Board.

  C. Report of the Treasurer.

  D. Introduction of Newly - Appointed/Elected Officers.

  E. New Business.

2.05 Notice of Meetings: Information stating the place, day and hour of any non-Board meeting shall be delivered at least seven (7) days in advance, either directly, by telephone, by email, or by U.S. mail to each team manager. The team manager will then be responsible to notify team members of said meeting.

2.05 Quorum: Members in good standing present at any meeting of the members, which is duly called, shall constitute a quorum at such meeting.

2.06 General Powers: The Executive Board shall manage the affairs and funds of the league, as well as conduct community outreach into the SGLBT and animal-loving community of Greater Atlanta metropolitan area. They will also work toward acquiring league sponsors and recruitment of new members, and enforce the league rules while doing their best to apply and follow the Mission Statement and Guidelines of Southern Softpaw League.

2.07 Fund Expenditures: - Any Executive Board member can make a motion to expend funds outside of the league's yearly budget if its in the best interest of the league and its members.  A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of Board members is required for such approval and must be recorded and listed under a special category by the treasurer in the yearly budget      

2.07 Qualification: The Executive Board shall be appointed by the Governor, and the league Ambassador's shall be elected by the general membership of the league as hereinafter provided. The Executive Board consists of the Governor, Rules Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Charity Director and an Ambassador from each division and one At-Large. Each member of the Executive Board has one vote. The Executive Board can, as needed, add other expert adviser members who may specialize in certain fields of expertise as needed from time to time by a simple majority vote of the board.

2.08 Coaches' Council: The Coaches' Council is made up of one representative from each team of The Southern Softpaw League.

2.09 Vacancy: Any vacancy occurring on the board must be filled by the board within 30 days, and the appointee shall hold office until the end of the current term of that position. If a position isn't filled in the time allowed any member of the board can make a motion for a person in the league in good standing to fill the vacant position with a majority of vote and the League Governor will then confirm the appointment. If the League Governor does not confirm the pointed member then the board can withdraw the appointees name and select another league member in good standing for the vacant position of reaffirm the same person by a 2/3 majority vote. 

2.10 Regular Meetings: Regular meetings of the Executive Board shall be held at the time and place to be determined by the Board.

2.11 Special Meetings: Special meetings may be called by the Governor on two (2) days notice to each officer either directly, by telephone or by email. The Governor may call special meetings on the request of any two (2) officers serving like notice.

2.12 Quorum:
A majority of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Board.

2.13 Manner of Acting: The act of a majority of the officers present at a meeting at which a quorum is present shall be the act of the Board, unless the act of a greater number of officers is required by these By-Laws.

2.14 Involuntary Resignation: Any member of the Executive Board who is absent from four (4) consecutive meetings of the Executive Board, unless previously excused by the Governor, may be deemed to have resigned as a member of the Board and may be replaced in accordance with the provision stated in these By-Laws.

2.15 Removal: The Executive Board shall have the power to remove an officer of the League by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Board for the reason of conduct not in the best interest of the league, or for failures, refusals or inability to perform the official duties of the league.

2.16 Compensation: The Executive Board shall serve without compensation, however, Executive Board members and other league members traveling for official league-related functions can be reimbursed for personal funds used while traveling for official league-related functions. Receipts and written request must be submitted to the league Treasurer for approval. The Executive Board will approve such request by two-thirds (2/3) vote.  

2.17 Open Meetings: All league meetings, regular or special, shall be open to any current league member in good standing and must be announced via email, phone, website notice, social network notice or in person to all team coaches/mangers no later than 48 hours.

2.18 Appeal Process: Any member of the league can file a written appeal to all Ambassadors of the league within 48 hours after a suspension or being expelled. Each Ambassador will then notify the Coaches' Council within their respected divisions and will have a special call meeting within, but no later than, five (5) days to hear the appeal. A member of the Executive Board will be allowed up to 30 minutes to make the case against the league member in question before the Coaches' Council. The league member in question will then be given up to 30 minutes to make their case. A rebuttal of 15 minutes will be allowed for each side. The Chairman will then excuse both sides, and the Coaches' Council will deliberate and make a ruling with two-thirds (2/3) in favor or against the appeal. The vote of the council is final. The Ambassador whom is selected by the Governor to be Chairman during the appeal process, will to the best of his or her  ability, ensure that the appeal process is fair and impartial. He/she will also make sure that all appeal guidelines and rules are followed.  

2.19 Conflict of Interest During the Appeal: Any league member who may serve on the Executive Board or Ambassador position or on the Coaches' Council that may have a conflict of interest or in someway directly or indirectly be involved with the person or situation in question must recuse themselves from the appeal process.      

Article IV. Executive Board Members and Coaches' Council

4.01 Board Members: The officials of the league shall be a Governor, Rules Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Ambassador(s) (one per division and one At-Large) , Charity Director, and Public Relations Officer. A creation of any new position requires a 2/3 majority vote from the Executive Board.

4.02 Exclusive Powers: The Executive Board shall have the following exclusive powers: 

  A. Enforcement of the penalties for violations of the league rules.

  B. The Board, in addition to the foregoing specific powers, shall have the power to manage all the affairs of the league, to act on any and all questions relating in any manner whatsoever thereto and to make all contracts necessary for the proper transaction of all business of the league.

  C. Prescribe additional duties for and of the officers in addition to those set forth in these By-Laws.

  D. Upon a vote of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the entire Board, to suspend or expel a member of the league for conduct in violation of the By-Laws or Rules, or for conduct improper or prejudicial to the best interest of the league.

4.03 Governor: The duties of the Governor shall include but not be limited to:

  A. Ruling on the interpretation and intent of the Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules of the league.

  B. Overseeing all day-to-day functions of the league. 

  C. Leading the Board and its actions in a direction that is aligned with the league's interests and desires.

  D. Presiding at all formal meetings of the members and of the Board.

  E. Overseeing league sponsorship and charity outreach.

  F. Shall have a five year term limit.

  G. Shall have the power to suspend or expel a member or team of the league for conduct in violation of the By-Laws or Rules, or for conduct improper or prejudicial to the best interest of the league, especially but not limited to; cheating, fighting, stealing or for flagrantly violating league By-laws or Rules.

  H. Shall have the power to pardon any league player or team and return them to a status of "good standing" outside of the appeal process.

   I. Shall have the power to allocate funds for league related expenses and charity donations. He/she is required to notify the Executive Board of such expenditures within 30 days via email.   

4.05 Rules Chairman (RC): The duties of the RC shall include but not be limited to:

  A. Addressing scheduling issues with team managers.

  B. Finding teams for new players to be placed on.

  C. Gathering agenda items for Executive Board meetings.

  D. Coordinating  Executive Board meeting schedules.

  E. Call all regular and special meeting to order and perform roll call.

  F. Shall be appointed by the Governor for a term of two (2) years.

  G. Shall act in the absence of the Governor.

  H. Shall be the direct liaison to the Umpire Staff.

  I. Shall make recommendations to the League Governor in all matters related to violations of league rule, regulations or unethical behavior by any league member, spectator or any person involved in such matters.

4.06 Treasurer: The duties of the Treasurer shall include but not be limited to:

  A. Overseeing safekeeping of league funds.

  B. Establishing and overseeing a working budget.

  C. Maintaining a ledger of transactions.

  D. Providing budget and financial reports.

  E. Handling P.O. Box responsibilities.

  F. Recruit league sponsorships and insure league and sponsor agreements are adhered too.

  G. Shall act in the absence of the Rules Chairman.

  H. Shall be appointed by the Governor for a term of two (2) years.

4.07 Secretary: The duties of the Secretary shall include but not be limited to:

  A. Maintaining league website directly or indirectly as well as other league communication documents.

  B. Coordinating the collection of information from the league to the community's media.

  C. Keeping minutes of the meetings of members and the Board.

  D. Maintaining an official record of the Constitution, By-Laws, Rules of the league, and amendments and changes to the documents.

  E. Maintaining a record of all members of the league and an official roster for all League teams.

  F. Shall act in the absence of the Treasurer.

  G. Shall be appointed by the Governor for a term of two (2) years.    

4.08  Charity Director (CD): The duties of the CD shall include but not be limited to: 

A. Shall be able to attend all executive and league meetings and shall have the right to speak and give advice in all maters charity-related. 

  B. Shall have an equal vote.

  C. Shall coordinate and oversee all official league charity fundraising events.

  D. Shall be the spokesperson for the league in matters pertaining to the league's fundraising efforts. 

  E. Shall give a written or spoken report at the open season league meeting outlining charity goals, objectives and progress.  

  E. Shall be voted for by the Executive Board by majority vote but can be nominated by one or more Board members. 

  F. Once voted by the a majority of the Executive Board their term will last for two (2) years     

4.09 Coaches Ambassador's: The duties of the Ambassador shall include but not limited to:

  A. The recruitment of new members.

  B. Represent the best interest of their respected divisions.

  C. Shall be appointed by the Governor to serve as Chairman of Special Committees and have the responsibility of oversight for the committee they have been selected.

  D. Shall be voting members of the Executive Board.

  E. Shall act in the absence of the Secretary as directed by the Governor.

  F. Shall be elected by the members of their respected divisions and shall serve a two (2) year term.

  G. At-Larger member shall represent the best interest of all divisions and can be elected from any division. 

  H. Shall receive all formal written appeals by any league member and will communicate, coordinate and chair the appeal process.

4.10 Sub-Category - Coaches' Council: The duties of the Coaches' Council Shall include but not be limited to:

  A. Have voting rights in the annual meeting and vote on any issues affecting the league after rosters and fees have been submitted and paid.

  B. Hear any formal appeals filled by any member of the league. A majority votes will carry and no Executive members are allowed to vote during an appeal.

  C. Be responsible for the good sportsmanship of each of their players.

  D. Set an example for their team and players.

  E. Be the official liaison and representative for their team in all matters pertaining to league issues.

  F. Make sure their team rosters and team/player fees are collected and turned into the league when required.

  G. Make sure their teams follow all league rules.
Article V. Committees

5.01 Creation of Committees: Committees may be created by resolution of the Board adopted by a majority vote of the Board. Except as otherwise provided in such resolution, officers of each committee created shall be a member of the league.

5.02 Removal of Committee Member: Any member of a committee may be removed by the Governor or by two-thirds (2/3) of the officers, whenever in their judgment the best interest of the league shall be served by such removal.

5.03 Committee Chairman: The Governor shall appoint one member of each committee created to serve as the chairman of such committee. This appointee shall be any one of the active Ambassadors of the league or a des.  

Article VI. Rules of Banking

6.01 Checks and Drafts: All checks and drafts or order for payment of money issued in the name of the league or any fund managed by the league shall require two (2) authorized signatures as set forth under the duties of the officers. In the event that the league manages a fund for a specific committee, then the chairperson of that committee may serve as an authorized signatory on such fund if provided for in the resolution creating the committee.

6.02 Deposits: All funds of the league or any fund managed by the league shall be deposited to the appropriate account(s) in such bank(s) as the Board may select.

6.03 Gifts: The Executive Board may accept on behalf of the league any contribution, gift, bequest or device for general purposes or for any special purpose of the league.

Article VII. Amendments of By-Laws

7.01 Amendments: Amendments to the By-Laws may be proposed by any current member of the league by notification in writing to the Executive Board. The By-Laws or any part hereof, may be amended, modified, or repealed at any regular or special meeting. When any amendment, change, or modification of the By-Laws is to be proposed at any such meeting, a notice of such meeting containing a recitation of the By-Law or By-Laws to be amended, and including the proposed amendment, shall be communicated to each team manager at least seven (7) days in advance of such meeting. The team coach/manager will then be responsible to notify team members of the proposed amendment and meeting. Acceptance of such amendments, shall require an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present at such meeting.

Article VIII. Nomination and Election of Ambassador's

8.01 Qualification of Nominees: Acceptance as a nominee is contingent upon membership in the League. One may nominate himself or nominate someone else.

8.02 Nomination by Members: Any member of the League may nominate any member of the League for any position on the Board to be filled. These nominations shall take place two (2) weeks prior to the conclusion of the regular season.

8.03 Election of Board Members: The election of Coaches Ambassador's shall be conducted at the last regular season game. The nominee who received a majority of the votes cast for the office shall be declared elected to the office.

 8.04 Supervision of Any League Election: The election and ballot box shall be supervised and conducted by the Rules Chairman (RC) or any non-elected officer in case of the RC absences, the Lead umpire or any available umpire in the absence of the Lead Umpire and a member of the Coaches Council not having a conflicted of interest in a public and open forum. At the End of the published election times all ballots cast shall be counted in public view and the ballot box should never be let unattended by less than two election supervisors.  

8.05 Term of Office: The term of the office shall be two (2) years. The Ambassador of the Just Fun (JF) and Super Competitive (SC) Division shall be elected in odd-numbered years and the Ambassador of the Competitive Fun (CF) Division and the At-Large Ambassador shall be elected in even-numbered years. Each officer shall serve until his or her successor has been qualified and elected, unless such officer shall resign or be removed from office. In the event the Governor cannot fulfill their duties, the Executive Board members shall select and vote in a new Governor from the rest of the board members until a special election can be help at the begging of the next annual season. 

Article IX. Publication

9.01 Publication of Constitution, By-Laws and Rules: A copy of the Constitution, By-Laws and League Rules shall be published annually prior to April 1st of each year. A copy of each document shall be provided to each team manager. Additional copies shall be made available to any League member upon request.


Article I. Name

1.01 The name of the organization is The Southern Softpaw League (SSL) of the Greater Atlanta, Ga. Metropolitan area.

Article II. Objectives

2.01 To be a non-profit organization with non-affiliated membership at this time.

2.02 To be dedicated to the promotion of amateur softball for all persons regardless of age, race, creed, religion, sex, national origin or sexual orientation with special emphasis on helping our four-legged friends in need.  

2.03 To promote and encourage membership in the League such that active membership in the league may be continued for the advancement of amateur softball.

2.04 To encourage the education and training in the proper skills of softball.

Article III. Duration

3.01 The period of the duration of the league is perpetual.

3.02 The constitution, by-laws and league rules are set into effect by the powers vested in the Executive Board as of September 5, 2009. Any additions of changes must be voted upon the Executive Board.

Article IV. Executive Body

4.01 The league's executive body shall be known as the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall be composed of up to 10 members as set forth in the By-Laws of the League. To keep a fair and balanced Board, 50% of the Board will be appointed, and 50% shall be elected by the general membership of the lwhere specified. The Executive Board shall be charged with leadership of the league and the fulfillment of league objectives and the objectives and rules of the ASA softball guidelines.

Article V. Amendments

5.01 Amendments to the Constitution may be proposed by any current member of Coaches' Council by notification of the Executive Board.

5.02 Proposed amendments shall be presented to the membership of the league as the first item under new business on the annual meeting agenda.

5.03 Ratification of the proposed amendments shall require an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present and voting. An amendment, if passed, shall take effect immediately unless otherwise provided for in the amendment.  


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