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Below you will find noteworthy details on how much money the League has raised to help animal charities in the Metro Atlanta area since 2009. 

SSL Animal Charity Donations of 2019

Spay & Neuter Coalition - $250

Pets Are Loving Support (PALS) - $450

Little Nuggets Rescue - $250

Town & Country Jack Russell Rescue - $300

Laskey's Lucky One's - $700

Georgia English Bulldog Rescue - $458

Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort - $656

Bosley's Place - $450

Walking Home Together - $600

Yearly Goods & Food Pet Drive - $300 *est. value

GRAND TOTAL SSL Donated to Animal Charities in 2019 - $4414

Since 2009 SSL Has Proudly Donated Over $35,000 Dollars To Local Animal Charities

SSL 2013 Charity Donation is $3720.00

The SSL Board would like to thank all of the players and teams that made the End of Season Party at great success.

Thank you to Ray and Alan Collins at The Heretic for hosting us.

DJ Joey Smith for your great music.

Project Q for the great photo coverage as well!

SSL along with teams gave out $3720.00 to Animal Charities.

Thank you to the;

Blue Angels - Noah's Ark.

Foxes Red & Orange - Bliss Animal Haven.

Heretic Havoc - Road Trip Home Animal Rescue.

Heretic Shark...s -Town and Country Jack Russell Terrier Rescue.

Honey Badgers - Labrador Friends of the South.

Long Shots - Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends.

Nemesis - Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue.

Reigh - Cats in the Cradle.

Rubber Ducks Animal Action Rescue.

Atlanta Talons Blue - Angels Among Us.

Atlanta Talons Red - Lifeline Animal Shelter.

Atlanta Titans - Angels Among Us.

Twisters - Homeward Bound Canine Rescue.

SSL Board - Road Trip Home Rescue and Mostly Mutts.

Thanks To All Who Made These Donations Possible!

Ken DeLeon

League Governor & Founder

SSL 2012 Charity Donation is $3,300.00

SSL 2011 Charity Donation is $1750.00 plus a team match of $550 for a grand total of $2425.00 !!!

Thanks to all of our Sponsors, Teams, Coaches, Players & Fans for making these donations possible. 

Blue Angels - Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends (AARF)

Pink Cadets - Forgotten Animals Rescue, Inc.

Atlanta Foxes - Mostly Mutts (+$125 Team Match)

Heretic Hammerheads - Animal Action Rescue

Gummi Bears - Animal Bliss Haven (+$125 Team Match)

Atlanta Ducks - Noah's Ark

Riptide - Lifeline Animal Project of Atlanta

Mob-O-Menace - Atlanta Bully Rescue

Talons C - Lifeline Animal Project of Atlanta

Talons D - Second Chance Animal Rescue & Adoption

Crimpers Razors - PALS (+$300 Team Donation)

Rubber Ducks - Pup and Cats Co.

Fighting Ducks - Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption

SSL Officers - Forgotten Paws

SSL Officers - Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

SSL sent a check for $125.00 to each animal charity

Thanks to our teams, players, fans and sponsors during our 2010 season!

In 2010 we donated $1125.00 to local animal charities!

Blue Angels -Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends - $125.00

Pink Cadets -Cobb County Humane Society - $125.00

Heretic Hammerheads -Animal Bliss Haven - $125.00

Mudcats -Noah's Ark - $125.00

Menace -Forgotten Animals Rescue, Inc. - $125.00

Stallions - Atlanta Bully Rescue - $125.00

Talons -Lifeline Animal Project of Atlanta - $125.00

Woofs -Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption - $125.00

SSL Officers -Forgotten Paws - $125.00

Thanks To All Who Helped Make These Donations Possible!

Thanks to our teams, players, fans and sponsors during our 2009 season!

Blue Angels - Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends - $100.00

Pink Cadets - Mostly Mutts - $100.00

Atlanta Mudpups/Muddawgs - Noah's Ark - $100.00

Heretic Sharks- Atlanta's Life Line for Homeless Pets -$100

Talons - Forgotten Animals - $100.00

Wolfpack - Animal Bliss - $100.00

SSL 2009 Total Charity Give Away - $600.00

Thanks to all SSL players, supporters, coaches, league officers and sponsors to help make this charity donation possible. 

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