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The Southern Softpaw League Executive Board

The Southern Softpaw League is governed by some of the most dedicated, passionate people who happen to love the game of softball, their community and helping local animal rescue groups raise much needed funds. 

Three of our current board members have been here since our inaugural 2009 season: Kenny DeLeon, Kyle Erickson and Ron Leathers. All three of these board members are also proud and well deserving "DOG FATHERS" Hall of Fame members. Dog Fathers is a title that can only be given to original SSL board members. 

All of our former and current board members work countless hours, days, weeks and months to make this league run as safe, cost effective, efficient, fun and competitive as possible, year after year! 

Since 2009 our league has collected and donated over thirty five thousand dollars to various well deserving local animal charities in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area.

Executive Board to further the ideals and purpose of the league, provide for the operation of the fields, establish and enforce operational and playing rules, and provide for an enjoyable experience for players while raising funds for animal rescue charities.

Below is our Executive Board members:

Kenny DeLeon

Since 2009, the inaugural season!

Kyle Erickson

Since 2009, the inaugural season!


Ayman Hammoud

Since 2020

John Polito

Since 2020



Mandy Maddamma

Since 2023

Team Ambassador - At-Large

Ron Leathers

Since 2009, the inaugural season!

Team Ambassador - Just Fun Division

Darrell Mercer

Since 2021

Team Ambassador - Competitive Fun Division

Greg Wiggins
Since 2023

Team Ambassador - Super Competitive Division


Jim Mynes
Since 2022

Coaches' Council and Board of Appeals

The Coaches' Council

Three Divisions of Play

Just Fun (JF)

Competitive Fun (CF)

Super Competitive (SC)

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